1 ) Avoid damage – ensure correct packing – shortcuts are expensive.
2) Use boxes of good quality – especially with a firm base
3) Ensure that ornaments, glass, and other breakable items are covered, packed and marked separately – smaller boxes to spread the weight.

4) Ensure that the bottom of the boxes is properly fastened and supported with quality masking tape.
5) Boxes need to be marked and sealed properly.
6) Keep ‘loose accessories’ to a minimum
7) Empty cupboards, especially wardrobes, completely as it avoids damage to same.
8) Flammable items or liquids, alcohol or any hazardous items should be kept separately and be properly marked.
9) Avoid moving with unusable items – start with a new slate. Such items increase costs and deprive other items of good transporting space.
10) Defrost fridges timeously – wet surfaces are an invitation to trouble.

Kindly take note that every separate item, that is intended for storage, should be marked with a clearly identifiable sticker. We prefer that your name and the date of storage be recorded upon each separate item.

We are sensitive to be fair towards yourself, our business and our workers. We endeavor to send always sufficient workers for the specific task. It is not always easy to uplift goods breast height in order to load the items on the truck. We therefore rather sent extra laborers to ensure less risk for furniture.

We do offer in-transition insurance. Please contact us for more information.